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Commodore VIC-20 Manuals

The VIC-20 (Germany: VC-20; Japan: VIC-1001) is an 8-bit home computer which was sold by Commodore Business Machines. The VIC-20 was announced in 1980,[4] roughly three years after Commodore's first personal computer, the PET. The VIC-20 was the first computer of any description to sell one million units.


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Computer Manuals (Hardware and Software)
The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

screen 40
key 30
commodore 28
program 24
cartridge 19
press 16
joystick 15
color 14
game 14
points 14
picture 13
computer 12
command 10
data 9
bonus 8
maze 7
print 7
cassette 6
character 6
memory 6
mode 6
sur 6
vous 6
expander 5
graphic 5
press return 5
ram 5
score 5
adventure 4
alien 4
appuyez sur 4
basic 4
character color 4
function key 4
games 4
instructions 4
les 4
movement 4
pour 4
printer 4
software 4
submarine 4
super 4
torpedoes 4
track 4
type 4
van 4
votre 4
attack 3
basic program 3
baud rate 3
block 3
blocks 3
code 3
color option 3
color register 3
commands 3
commodore computer 3
computer games 3
ctrl key 3
cursor 3
dans 3
display 3
duplex mode 3
een 3
enemy 3
error 3
file 3
fire button 3
fort 3
full duplex 3
function 3
galaxy 3
goto 3
het 3
keyboard 3
lkey 3
machine code 3
menu 3
modem 3
money wars 3
moves 3
paddle 3
paddles 3
poke 3
printing 3
rat 3
return 3
science fiction 3
sound 3
space 3
speed 3
start address 3
super expander 3
switch 3
tape 3
telephone company 3
thrust 3
vers 3
vicmodem 3
victerm 3
wars 3
absolute addresses 2
address 2
adventures 2
aliens 2
annual interest 2
assembly 2
assembly language 2
balloons 2
binder screw 2
bingo 2
bingo math 2
bonus points 2
breakpoint 2
buffer 2
byte definition 2
byte hex 2
cannon 2
capture 2
cassette unit 2
character mode 2
character string 2
chasing 2
cheeses 2
chess 2
chess piece 2
codes 2
colors 2
command enables 2
commodore product 2
computer software 2
connector housing 2
convoys 2
cosmic 2
cosmic cruncher 2
craft 2
crsr 2
cruncher 2
ctrl 2
decisions 2
del 2
depth 2
des 2
device number 2
disk 2
disk drive 2
displayed 2
double width 2
drive 2
drive mechanism 2
edit 2
emi 2
emi video 2
enemy convoys 2
enter 2
error channel 2
error message 2
example program 2
expansion 2
expansion module 2
file rank 2
fill memory 2
flagship 2
format 2
gold 2
graphic mode 2
graphic screen 2
graphics 2
hex 2
hint mode 2
hit 2
hub 2
input 2
instrument panel 2
interest 2
interest rate 2
interface 2
key moves 2
king 2
knox 2
lander 2
landing 2
laser 2
laser cannon 2
listing mode 2
location 2
logical file 2
machine language 2
magnetic 2
math 2
mechanism 2
media 2
memory expander 2
merchant 2
metal band 2
missions 2
missions space 2
mole 2
money decisions 2
english 118
Superchart VIC-20 - Commodore 64 (1983)(Butterfield, Jim)
Topics: decimal, cur, hex, ascii, lsr, ldx, stx, cpy, ret, basic, hex ascii, decimal hex, screen basic,...
VIC-1001 Personal Computer User's Manual (1981)(Commodore)(JP)
Topics: print, cbm, error, goto, clr, input, ffl, data, return, cbm basic, press play, syntax error, rem...
VIC-20 Memory Expander (19xx)(Commodore)
Topics: memory, ram, cartridge, expansion, expander, module, bask, program, memory expander, ram cartridge,...
VIC-20 Computer Games On Cartridge (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: key, joystick, keyboard, controls, game, thrust, games, computer, keyboard controls, computer games
VIC Forth (1982)(HES)
Topics: vicfcrth, addr, user, engineered, screen, text, edit, address, software, variable, human...
VIC-1600 VICMODEM (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: modem, computer, commodore, victerm, vicmodem, color, menu, control, screen, press return, full...
VIC-20 Per Giocare Con Un Vero Computer (1981)(Commodore)(IT)
Topics: che, del, una, programma, schermo, riga, poke, tasto, numero, sullo schermo, dello schermo, del...
VIC-20 Speech Synthesiser (1982)(Adman)
Topics: allophone, allophones, speech, vowels, sounds, sys, program, voiced, sound, initial, sounds good,...
Promqueen Manual, The (1983-01-15)(Gloucester Computers)
Topics: eprom, hexkit, address, program, promqueen, ram, switch, socket, sys, eprom socket, promqueen ram,...
Personal Computing On The VIC-20 (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: poke, program, screen, print, color, type, key, goto, press, nextl poke, memory location, left...
VIC-1541 Single Drive Floppy Disk User's Manual (1981-09)(Commodore)
Topics: disk, file, command, program, error, block, track, data, format, sector, disk drive, side sector,...
Submarine Commander (1983)(Thorn Emi)
Topics: enemy, submarine, joystick, press, convoys, torpedoes, depth, skill, dive, periscope, enemy...
VICWRITER (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: text, vicwriter, diskette, mode, press, cursor, screen, key, return, cassette, screen displays,...
Gortek and the Microchips (1984)(Commodore)
Topics: print, microchips, mrmrmr, gortek, program, zitrons, computer, creativity, input, goto, print...
VIC-1212 Programmers Aid Cartridge (198x)(Commodore)
Topics: program, command, key, commands, aid, display, function, edit, ctrl, basic code, program lines, aid...
Super Slot (1981)(Commodore)(NL)
Topics: het, toets, lijn, spel, drukt, als, van, lijnen, fruitmachine, munten, het spel, toets drukt
Jupiter Lander (1981)(Commodore)
Topics: thrust, landing, key, lander, jupiter, screen, commodore, picture, cartridge, super, jupiter lander
Cosmic Cruncher (1982)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: cruncher, cosmic, color, points, satellite, galaxy, screen, maze, thegame, key, cosmic cruncher
Sargon II Chess (1982)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: sargon, chess, move, moves, game, piece, king, pawn, capture, color, chess piece, moving pieces,...
VIC-1600 VICMODEM (1982)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: modem, commodore, victerm, computer, color, vicmodem, menu, screen, data, press return, full...
VIC-Switch Users Manual (198x)(Handic Software)
Topics: peripheral, user, led, connected, cable, communication, cables, din, sockets
Jupiter Lander (1981)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: lander, landing, craft, fuel, correctly, speed, descent, land, indicator, key, space craft, lander...
Atlantis (1983)(Imagic)(M6)
Topics: una, van, die, para, und, las, del, een, gorgon, leva
Sargon II Chess (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: sargon, chess, move, game, moves, piece, king, pawn, capture, press function, color, chess piece,...
Count, The (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: adventure, adventures, commodore, type, scott, votrax, swamp, computer, return key, mud oil, fruit...
Machine Code Monitor (1983)(Commodore)
Topics: program, vicmon, command, memory, display, screen, breakpoint, location, code, quick trace, machine...
Blue Meanies from Outer Space (1981)(Commodore)(NZ)
Topics: cji, itil, gcd, ofd, oom
Adventure Games (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: adventure, type, commodore, adventures, swamp, votrax, grove, scott, return, return key, grove swamp
Cardram 16k Memory Expansion (1983-04)(Cardco)
Topics: ram, blk, program, memory, cartridge, block, screen, basic, appendix, machine language, screen ram,...
VIC-20 - Commodore 64 Memory Map (1983)(Butterfield, Jim)
Topics: vector, pointer, hex, dec, flag, basic, buffer, accum, screen, memory, hex dec, screen memory,...
Speed Math & Bingo Math (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: math, bingo, screen, key, speed, commodore, instructions, cartridge, picture, score, speed math,...
Home Babysitter II (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: key, yellow, press, screen, colors, alphabet, counting, changes, cartridge, picture, shift key,...
Super Expander (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: color, expander, program, screen, super, commands, command, key, graphics, super expander, expander...
VIC-1210 3K Ram Cartridge (1982)(Commodore)(DE)
Topics: een, het, van, geplaatst, niet, naar, kan, commodore, schakel, deze
Mole Attack (1981)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: commodore, computer, game, games, crsr, mole, keyboard, turn, inserting, computer games
Cardprint Plus G Printer Interface Corrections and Additions (1983-07)(Cardco)
Topics: unknown, character, listing, cursor, corrections, additions, instruction, codes, manual, key,...
Radar Rat Race (1981)(Commodore)
Topics: rat, screen, radar, key, commodore, cheeses, race, cheese, moves, chasing, rat race, radar rat, key...
VIC Stat (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: command, matrix, data, print, commands, graphic, screen, program, statistical commands, print...
VIC-1210-1110-1111 Memory Expanders (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: cartridge, memory, ram, expansion, expander, bytes, fff, basic, program, memory expander, basic...
Gorf (1982)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: flagship, attack, space, missions, cartridge, adventure, loopoints, warp, mission, missions space,...
VIC-1515 Printer User's Manual (1981-04)(Commodore)
Topics: printer, print, mode, printing, command, graphic, commodore, buffer, data, ribbon, print head,...
Commodore Single Disk Drive Technical Manual Model 1541 (1983)(Commodore)
Topics: motor, media, stepping, drive, spindle, hub, assembly, mechanism, track, eject, stepping motor,...
Super Expander (1982)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: color, graphic, mode, screen, character, sound, key, program, expander, character color, super...
VIC-20 Memory Map (1983)(Butterfield, Jim)
Catcha Snatcha (1983)(Imagine)
Topics: lost, detective, comer, catcha, store, occasional, shop, hordes, ihet, nghr, store detective
Bewitched (1983)(Imagine)
Topics: key, screen, doors, bewitched, press, cassette, hoards, maze, ghosts, appear
Speed Math & Bingo Math (1982)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: math, bingo, screen, key, shift, speed, instructions, picture, cartridge, score, bingo math, speed...
Max (1984)(Anirog)
Topics: max, pyramid, colour, joystick, furry, dimensional, witch, constructed, snake, creature
Road Race (1981)(Commodore)
Topics: het, toets, naar, een, van, auto, dit, versnelling, dat, rechts, het scherm
Commodore Single Disk Drive Technical Manual Model 1541 (1983)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: media, motor, stepping, hub, spindle, drive, assembly, mechanism, track, fig, stepping motor,...
VIC-1600 VICMODEM (1982)(Commodore)[a2]
Topics: modem, commodore, computer, victerm, vicmodem, color, menu, screen, data, press return, full...
Raid On Fort Knox (1981)(Commodore)
Topics: commodore, fort, bonus, knox, screen, gold, maze, panthers, raid, picture
Commodore Artist (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: color, joystick, press, cursor, commodore, key, screen, lightpen, colors, brush, commodore artist,...
Cardprint Plus G Printer Interface (1983-07)(Cardco)
Topics: printer, interface, print, instructions, mode, codes, feed, screen, printing, program, printer...
VIC-20 Colour Computer Vital Information (1982)(Commodore)(AU)
Topics: commodore, ond, power, computer, magazine, port, modulator, ore, warranty, commodore magazine,...
Personal Finance (1983)(Commodore)
Topics: data, press, key, tape, screen, type, category, option, budget, data tape, household finance,...
VIC-1525 Printer User's Manual (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: printer, mode, print, command, ribbon, graphic, cmd, commodore, character, printing, print head,...
Seafox (1983)(Broderbund)
Topics: points, press, joystick, cartridge, torpedoes, software, submarine, magnetic, resume, merchant
Wacky Waiters (1983)(Imagine)
Topics: waiter, waiters, wacky, anc, cassette, tho, row, written, joystick, wacky waiters, cassette recorder
UMI Reference Card For The VIC-20 (1982)(UMI)
Topics: poke, set, parity, ieee, color, peek, byte, oscillator, ram, character, logical file, set...
Cardprint Plus G Printer Interface Addendum (1983-07)(Cardco)
Topics: commodore, printer, graphics, character, code, secondary, interface, switch, printed, switches,...
Star Post (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: joystick, superzap, laser, advanced, paddle, version, fire, cannon, aliens, outpost, laser cannon,...
Super Expander (1982)(Commodore)[a2]
Topics: color, graphic, mode, screen, character, sound, expander, program, key, character color, super...
Menagerie (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: menagerie, commodore, screen, key, bug, joystick, movement, spider, targets, picture
VIC Graf (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: program, graph, press, pressing, intersection, function, graphical, intersections, returns
Machine Code Monitor (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: program, vicmon, command, memory, display, screen, breakpoint, location, code, quick trace, machine...
Sky is Falling, The (1981)(Commodore)[a]
Topics: game, balloons, computer, games, commodore, scores, crsr, turn, catching, computer games
Mole Attack (1981)(Commodore)
Topics: mallet, mole, joystick, moles, displayed, hole, keyboard, hit, picture
Super Slot (1981)(Commodore)
Topics: press, commodore, key, winning, coins, game, slot, gamble, super, super slot
VIC-1541 Single Drive Floppy Disk User's Manual (1982-12)(Commodore)
Topics: disk, file, command, program, track, block, error, data, format, sector, disk drive, side sector,...
Gorf (1982)(Commodore)
Topics: missions, flagship, space, attack, cartridge, warp, gorfian, loopomts, points, adventure, missions...
Sky is Falling, The (1981)(Commodore)(en-fr)
Topics: sur, ballons, les, vous, ciel, dans, attraper, pour, sky, balloons, pour attraper, points pour,...
Tooth Invaders (1983)(Commodore)
Topics: tooth, plaque, invaders, plaqueman, floss, screen, dental, game, bonus, commodore, tooth invaders,...
Arcadia (1982)(Imagine)
Topics: arcadia, thrust, alien, row, cassette, attack, spaceship, plasma, score, left
Submarine Commander (1983)(Thorn Emi)[a]
Topics: enemy, press, submarine, joystick, convoys, torpedoes, depth, sonar, skill, periscope, instrument...